Dreaming, Oh Aren't We Dreaming Dreaming, Oh Aren't We Dreaming

Dreaming, Oh Aren't We Dreaming

You can only say his name so many times
before it starts to sound like a thundering apology
except that you don’t have to be sorry.
The sun has tired herself trying to
get the moon to join her in the sky
but why haven’t you?

Listen, I know
that there will be days when the words
at the back of your throat will try to escape
as a crack in your voice and there will be nights
when you will be the wolf that will cry out to the moon
about your love that was lost.

These are nothing more than fleeting moments
of heartbreak aftermath and you don’t have to get stuck because
there will be days that will feel like
Christmas mornings even if the calendar page says July
and there will be nights when a sip of wine
will taste like absolution on your lips
and you will get drunk on forgiveness.

Throw away bitter nostalgia out of the window,
let it crash and burn on the pavement below with your
eyes like “I’m not sorry”
hands like “It’s over and I’m okay”
heart like “Fuck it, let me love again.”


The Art of Mending a Broken Heart; Alahna Sy (via paperknees)
"Sext: Let us get drunk on the idea of permanence and then tiptoe our way around heartbreak before inevitably falling face-first into it."
Alahna Sy (via paperknees)

Making this one laugh is one of my favourite things