Dreaming, Oh Aren't We Dreaming Dreaming, Oh Aren't We Dreaming

Dreaming, Oh Aren't We Dreaming

There are days like today when you are the clouding in my mind
When you are the piercing in my heart
When you are the salt in these tears

I haven’t come to see you because in all honesty,
I don’t know if i can
I don’t know if I can bear the weight of just staring at the frozen ground
That is slowly softening itself

Where flowers will spring out of soon
On which young children will play

And there you lay, buried

There are times in my life where my reason loses its touch
Where my hurt gets the best of me
That day is today

I miss you, I miss every second of every minute of every moment we spent together
I miss your smile and your laugh and your touch

I miss holding you when there were no words to say

You believed in me
You believed in all of me

You believed in my hopes and my dreams and you loved me

I can’t fathom a life without you;
These days feel so surreal
But I will be strong because that’s how you would have been

I will love you forever
I will carry you, forever.


When my grandmother first said “those” three words to my grandfather,

she said them by tossing a pinch of salt over her shoulder at their wedding.

When I first really said them, they were to myself as an apology

for nineteen years of viewing my body as a wound in need…

So I guess grandpa cancelled your phone’s contract. No longer can I call you in the middle of the night hoping you’ll answer (and knowing you won’t). But just to hear the sound of your voice on your voicemail.. Oh grandma

Last Friday night.. Apparently drunk Beth dances 👌

I stopped believing in forgiveness after my friend

tasted the word slut like sour milk on the sandpaper of her tongue.

I stopped believing in forgiveness after her body was ripped open.

I stopped believing in forgiveness when I sat in a room full of women

and when the question was asked, half the room stood up.

What I learned from all these stories is that “forgive and forget”

is just an old wives’ tale spread by people who will never know

what being invaded feels like. My friend’s body was a beautiful war

the men marched right into without bothering to ask her for permission

to deploy the troops. My friend’s body was a foreign country

occupied by soldiers who spat bullets between her legs

and bit every inch of skin until it turned blue.

Forgiveness is not an obligation.

For some it comes in time, and for some it never arrives,

and either one is fine.

To open your arms to a person who caused you incredible pain

is more than most bones can handle.

The human body did not evolve that way.

Sometimes clenching your fists and closing yourself is easier

than saying “it’s okay.”

My friend never forced those words from her mouth

because too much was already forced from her.

And the words she was able to keep are more than enough.

It is not her responsibility to forgive.

- Meggie Royer

Working on assignments hungover.. great